SwipeRx showcased at the 2019 Philippines Pharmacists Association National Convention

The Philippines Pharmacists Association held its National Convention this past April 30th in the Davao City. The 5 day convention attracted over 4000 pharmacy professionals, as well as organizations that work with pharmacy professionals and others in healthcare throughout Asia Pacific. mClinica hosted a booth to promote SwipeRx among Filipino pharmacists during the convention.

The Philippine Pharmacists Association, or PPhA, is a national pharmacists group with about 15,000 members. The theme of this year’s PPhA convention was “Unleash the power in you: Pharmacists rising beyond expectations.” Organizers hoped to highlight the role of pharmacy professionals in healthcare. During the convention, PPhA leaders discussed their efforts with President Duterte to improve healthcare in the Philippines.

Over the course of the convention, mClinica introduced pharmacy professionals and other healthcare professionals to SwipeRx, its digital platform. SwipeRx is an app for pharmacy professionals to connect with each other, look up accurate drug and health information, and access free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules.

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With over 140,000 usersSwipeRx is the largest digital community of pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia. By offering education modules accredited across all major Southeast Asian markets and access to a dedicated job board, the SwipeRx app is also a unique avenue for pharmacy professionals to further their career.

mClinica in the Philippines

mClinica has a successful history of working closely with the Philippines government to improve its healthcare system. In 2018, mClinica partnered with the Philippines FDA to implement its electronic drug safety system, or eDSS, nationwide. The eDSS offers insight into drug sales throughout the Philippines by allowing pharmacists to upload sales onto a cloud-based system.

Now, mClinica hopes to continue expanding its positive influence on the lives of Filipino citizens through SwipeRx. Pharmacy professionals are a critical part of the healthcare system, as people in Southeast Asia will often visit a local pharmacist before a doctor or clinic. Thus, in offering tools for pharmacy professionals to better aid their communities, mClinica hopes to improve and empower the Philippines healthcare system.

Want to know more about SwipeRx? Leverage the power of mClinica’s mobile platforms and connect your business to pharmacies int he Philippines and across Southeast Asia. Contact the SwipeRx team

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SwipeRx showcased at the 2019 Philippines Pharmacists Association National Convention

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