The best opportunity for pharmacists’ continuing education is on their phones

People across the globe are spending more time on their mobile phones accessing social media, browsing the web, or using apps. In Vietnam, for example, there are 50 million active mobile social users, and individuals spend an average of 6 hours and 52 minutes on the internet each day! It is natural that mobile continuing education has already begun to replace old-school trainings offline. 

Here we break down why the best opportunities for a pharmacist’s continuing education are now on mobile:

Mobile continuing education solves many old problems for pharmacists

Before the existence of mobile education, pharmacists had to take time off from work to travel to and attend offline training events— a very inefficient way for pharmacists to fulfill their legal CPD requirement. Now, mClinica provides pharmacy professionals with free accredited CPD modules that are accessible through the free SwipeRx mobile app. In fact, since the release of CPD modules in October 2017, over 10,000 pharmacy professionals have been educated on the platform, making it the the largest mobile provider of continuing professional education for pharmacists in Southeast Asia.

With SwipeRx, pharmacists can also connect with a powerful network of over 100,000 pharmacy professionals to share information, answer questions, and expand their pharmaceutical knowledge. The app provides easy access to drug indications, contraindications, and other useful information that pharmacists can use to better counsel their patients and to advance their career.

Mobile continuing education is good for the pharmaceutical industry’s growing female workforce

The pharmaceutical workforce is becoming increasingly female. Yet, women are still responsible for a disproportionate share of unpaid labor, like child care and household responsibilities. Indeed, women pharmacists often set up drug stores near their homes so that they can continue their home-based responsibilities. Consequently, it is even more difficult for women pharmacists to travel far from their homes and to take time off work to attend offline training events . SwipeRx promotes female pharmacists’ empowerment by delivering free accredited CPD modules that are accessible anytime and anywhere.

In sum, the best opportunities for pharmacists’ continuing education are now on mobile. Online education improves access to pharmaceutical training and knowledge for all pharmacists and is a much needed solution for the educational barriers faced by women pharmacists.

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