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mClinica strikes official partnership with the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand (PAT) under Royal Patronage to increase access to digital continuing pharmaceutical education (CPE) to pharmacists on the SwipeRx platform

mClinica – the health-tech organization behind SwipeRx – introduced the free mobile application to Thailand on November 17, 2017 at the Thailand Pharmacy Congress, which was themed “Smart Aging Life and Digital Pharmacy 4.0.”
Since the Thailand launch, SwipeRx has enjoyed the rapid growth it has experienced in other markets, with local pharmacists taking to the platform to network and collaborate with their fellow pharmacy professionals, get advice from industry peers on the discussion board, and search for and apply to jobs. SwipeRx operates in six countries – including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia – with more than 80,000 active users on the app.
With SwipeRx’s new partnership with the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand (PAT) under Royal Patronage, the platform will also address one of the most pressing needs of local pharmacists: continuing pharmaceutical education (CPE).
With the partnership signed on March 24, 2018, SwipeRx aims to work alongside PAT to enable all pharmacists in the country to take accredited CPE, for which they can earn a certificate. PAT will also use the application to share updates, make announcements to members, and share important pharmacy news to all professionals.
mClinica’s Head of Partnerships and Alliances Lindsay Nickel, who oversees the Thailand market, believes that mobile CPE modules provide enormous convenience to pharmacists across the country.
“Education is shifting world-wide, such as in the rise of massively open online courses and other self-paced digital classes. But this shift has yet to sweep over into the pharmacy world. Together with PAT, mClinica is working to pioneer new forms of pharmacist access to CPE, so that it becomes easier and more convenient for them to improve as front-line healthcare professionals,” said Nickel.
Professor Dr. Sindhchai Keokitichai, the President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage, shared Nickel’s sentiments.
“We’re proud to partner with mClinica in providing SwipeRx to our members. Through CPE and its other features, the platform will help our pharmacists become better professionals, and in turn serve our ultimate goal: Offer better front-line healthcare to patients across Thailand,” said Keokitichai.
The Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand was founded on March 5, 1929 (then as Pharmaceutical Society of Siam), and has since then been committed to advancing the interests of pharmacists nation-wide, including promoting ethics in the profession, serving as a liaison to the government, and most notably, furthering the education and continuing education of pharmacists.
mClinica founder and CEO Farouk Meralli is proud that the PAT’s partnership with SwipeRx will help it continue to advance its goal of improving education and continuing education for pharmacists in the nation.
“Together with the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand, we have pioneered a new channel for the country’s pharmacists to educate themselves, but we will not rest there. Moving forward, we will do everything we can to empower pharmacy professionals to help advance public health in the country,” said Meralli.

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