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mClinica speaks at IQVIA APAC Summit 2018

mClinica CEO Farouk Meralli speaks on IQVIA APAC Summit 2018 panel
Welcoming leaders in healthcare from throughout the Asia Pacific region, the IQVIA APAC Summit 2018 took place on 11 October 2018 at Singapore’s Grand Hyatt.
With a focus on transforming integrated care through technology, IQVIA hosted over 15 panels and discussions throughout the course of the one-day Summit, concentrating on the region’s most pressing challenges and innovations in healthcare and data science. Topics covered ranged from the evolution of data science to its future within the Asia Pacific region, and how best to draw connections in order to generate meaningful conclusions for the region’s healthcare industry.
mClinica CEO Farouk Meralli spoke on a panel exploring the transformation of healthcare through technology in the Asia Pacific region. He adds, “As medicines become increasingly commoditized, the pharmaceutical companies who will win are those who provide services beyond the pill.”
Joining Meralli on the panel were Amkidit Afable, Director of Corporate Strategies and Business Model Innovation at Johnson & Johnson; and Joerg Kreuzer, Medical Director of Boehringer Ingelheim. The panel was moderated by Sol Magaz, Senior Principal and Head of Consulting, South East Asia, IQVIA.
Discussion centered on the need for technology applications to develop programs for patient access and support, aiming to provide effective and sustainable care. As a successful social enterprise in healthcare, mClinica provided insights on harnessing real-time, compliant healthcare data generated from customers and providers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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