mClinica announces partnership with Philippine Pharmacists Association at its national convention to offer free online continuing professional development on SwipeRx

On May 3, 2018, mClinica COO and Forbes 30 Under 30 2017 awardee Vasil Rusinov spoke at the 2018 National Convention of the Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc., themed “Advancing Pharmacy Practices through Advocacy and Technology.”
Rusinov’s talk was particularly appropriate for the 3,500 licensed pharmacists in attendance: mClinica’s mobile platform for pharmacy professionals, SwipeRx, had just reached the milestone of 80,000 users across the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. As a social organization, this tech is only a means to a larger advocacy: mClinica wants to improve public health across Asia, which it is now doing for the 100 million patients its pharmacy network now reaches.
Rusinov spoke of mClinica’s milestones and mission as part of his presentation, entitled “Strengthening Pharmacy Practice through Technology, Collaboration, Education, and Research.”
Rusinov discussed how SwipeRx can strengthen the pharmacy practice through a combination of experience (i.e. learning through the stories of other pharmacists on the SwipeRx newsfeed), exposure (i.e. connecting and relationship-building with other pharmacists via SwipeRx’s social network), and most importantly, structured education – pharmacists can now take their continuing professional development (CPD) entirely for free through SwipeRx.
Rusinov ended his talk by encouraging all the pharmacists in attendance to join mClinica in working to improve public health. Such a call-to-action was particularly fitting, since Rusinov’s talk came on the opening day of the three-day national convention.
“It was a pleasure speaking to and interacting with all the pharmacists in attendance. The vast majority of them are already SwipeRx members, so the conversation was more centered on what we can do to improve it. For us to truly change public health through SwipeRx, we will need this open, collaborative dialogue with the region’s pharmacists,” said Rusinov, who noted that 1 in every 2 pharmacists in the Philippines is already a registered SwipeRx user.
While mClinica’s presence at the national convention was highlighted by Rusinov’s presentation, the company also had a booth for SwipeRx during the two-day exhibition. mClinica Pharmacy Community Executive Diana Orolfo, who is also a licensed pharmacist, also believes the face-to-face interaction with pharmacists at the national convention is important for SwipeRx.
“The theme of this year’s national convention was fitting, as it will indeed take both technology and advocacy to advance the pharmacy practice. SwipeRx brings the technology, but grassroots efforts like our SwipeRx exhibit is part of the advocacy: We want pharmacists to know that using tools like our platform will ultimately help them better serve their patients,” said Orolfo.

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