Case study

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical company accessed the largest pharmacy network in Southeast Asia to run a highly targeted digital survey on SwipeRx.

In this case study, you will see how a multinational pharmaceutical company was able to utilize digital innovation to optimize product distribution, realign their salesforce, run highly targeted campaigns and finetune their pricing strategies.

Our client has been able to connect with over 20,000 pharmacies in Indonesia by running a digital survey on our first-of-its-kind pharmacy network, SwipeRx.

Our client set out to address these business objectives, including:

Optimize product distribution and improve product visibility

Run targeted campaigns that elicit deeper trust in its brands and improve pharmacy recommendations

Realign the salesforce to focus on pharmacies that presented the best opportunities to lift brand perception and recommendation

Finetune the pricing strategies that influence a patient’s purchase decision and pharmacists’ product recommendations

By prioritizing pharmacy professionals, our client discovered the ‘m’ factor – maximizing insights from the pharmacy network in a cost-efficient and widespread manner.

With SwipeRx, they were able to access the largest digital pharmacy platform in Southeast Asia and overcome some challenges of traditional face-to-face surveys by reducing long lead times, strengthening overall operations and accelerating implementation of action plans.

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Learn how a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in Indonesia was able to achieve close to 5,000 digital CPD examinations completed across 34 provinces with SwipeRx.