Winning the diabetes war: Pharmacists can be your ally

The rise in diabetes across Southeast Asia is staggering, and if appropriate actions are not put in place, it will increase. Given the shift in community accessibility to pharmacies, pharmacists play a vital role in managing diabetes management by influencing patient decisions. Pharmacists across the region are already calling on pharmaceutical manufacturers to take the […]

AI Adoption in Southeast Asia’s Healthcare Systems

Innovative health technologies improve patient care and deliver cost savings Healthcare, a data-rich sector generating vast amounts of patient information daily, is an obvious target for artificial intelligence (AI). The potential role of AI in healthcare is made all the more compelling by the need for accurate and rapid decision-making, and chronic shortages of human […]

11th AAAH Webinar Series 2020

The pandemic has disrupted service delivery and diverted human resources for health (HRH) to provide COVID-19-related services. However, essential services and non-COVID services (e.g. noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), urgent care, and emergencies) still need to be sustained as we are seeing foregone care, decreased equitable access, and reduced essential service utilization. 11th AAAH Webinar Series 2020 […]

Southeast Asia’s role in the quest for a COVID-19 vaccine

mClinica charts ASEAN’s efforts to counter vaccine nationalism Facing huge healthcare costs and continued economic dislocation, Southeast Asian governments are scrambling to secure supplies of any future COVID-19 vaccine ahead of the ugly rush for the desperately needed serum. In the capitals of Southeast Asia, there is growing anxiety that they may be denied access […]

How dengue complicates Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 fight

Healthcare systems in the region face a two-front war Southeast Asia is experiencing high numbers of rainy season dengue fever cases. This comes at a time when the region is still combating a devastating coronavirus pandemic that has left healthcare systems reeling and local economies in deep recession. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease […]

[APACMed Founders Series] Advancing Digital Oncology During Public Health Crisis

WEBINAR APACMed Founders Series Advancing digital oncology during public health crisis Tuesday, 21st July 2020 | 11.00am – 12.00pm SGT Organized by: Farouk Meralli CEO & Founder mClinica Pharmacy Solutions Increasing evidence suggests that cancer patients have an elevated risk of COVID-19 infections and higher mortality rates. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated technology adoption in […]

COVID-19: The path ahead for Southeast Asia’s pharmacy network

As the ASEAN economies loosen their coronavirus lockdowns, what is the outlook for COVID-19’s containment and the continued impact on the region’s pharmacy networks? mClinica Pharmacy Solutions can help pharmacists navigate the new post-coronavirus realities and support their migration to more online value add in the patient relationship through the use of apps such as […]

More mobile health solutions on the rise: Telemedicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry uniquely, but one challenge that has been felt universally is communication. Amid the lockdowns, communication has been put to the test and we have all begun to realize the value that technology can afford us. As the virus has ravaged communities, the healthcare industry has faced a need […]

6-month contract extension for the Malaysian pharmacy network

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant strain has been put on healthcare systems globally. With more hospitals overloaded, and rural communities underserved, the public is relying on the pharmacy network for more than just dispensing medication.  As trusted frontline healthcare providers, pharmacy professionals have been working with other healthcare professionals in providing support for chronic […]

The pharmacy network speaks up about mental health

Disease management during a pandemic requires healthcare professionals to maintain access to care while managing the risk of infections. This has been achieved to varying degrees across Southeast Asia, however, amid the stress and confusion of shutdowns and social distancing, the pharmacy network is concerned for another looming health issue– mental health. The implications of […]