Partnership between SwipeRx and will Empower Pharmacies through AI to Improve Health Outcomes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Singapore / Spain / 14th June 2022 – SwipeRx and jointly announced today that they have entered a partnership to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to assist pharmacies with prediction of demand and deliver behavioral machine learning-based interventions to pharmacists. The goal is to ensure that every pharmacy is well stocked with essential drugs, and […]

The role of pharmacies in pain medication management

Retail pharmacy professionals are invaluable resources for treating both chronic and acute pain as they are frequently the first point of contact for patients seeking non-prescription analgesics and prescription analgesic advice. The pharmacist’s primary role and responsibility as a medication expert is to promote the safe and effective use of analgesic medications. Pharmacists across the […]

Leveraging SwipeRx to expand contraceptive choices at pharmacies

mClinica Pharmacy Solution’s digital pharmacy platform SwipeRx—the largest in Southeast Asia connecting over 200,000 pharmacy professionals and students across 6 countries—is being leveraged to address multiple public health and non-communicable disease priorities

Pharmacies are Key to Pandemic Preparedness

Pharmacies are Key to Pandemic Preparedness mClinica’s digital pharmacy platform SwipeRx—the largest in Southeast Asia connecting over 190,000 pharmacy professionals and students across 7 countries—is being

Winning the diabetes war: Pharmacists can be your ally

The rise in diabetes across Southeast Asia is staggering, and if appropriate actions are not put in place, it will increase. Given the shift in community accessibility to pharmacies, pharmacists play a vital role in managing diabetes management by influencing patient decisions. Pharmacists across the region are already calling on pharmaceutical manufacturers to take the […]

AI Adoption in Southeast Asia’s Healthcare Systems

Innovative health technologies improve patient care and deliver cost savings Healthcare, a data-rich sector generating vast amounts of patient information daily, is an obvious target for artificial intelligence (AI). The potential role of AI in healthcare is made all the more compelling by the need for accurate and rapid decision-making, and chronic shortages of human […]