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Empowering 190,000+ pharmacists through Digital Health, with Farouk Meralli

Improving the educational tools and quality of healthcare delivered by pharmacists across Southeast Asia

The Digital Health podcast, where innovators, founders, and organizations that dare to revolutionize healthcare shed a spotlight on global health. Host Antonio Estrella speaks to Farouk Meralli, CEO and founder of mClinica Pharmacy Solutions, on Farouk’s public health and pharma experience that prepared him to transform the pharmacy structure in Southeast Asia. In this region, patients will visit the pharmacy 12 times per year. With low access to physicians, the role of the independent pharmacist is critical for healthcare In this discussion with Farouk Meralli, they covered:

  • How Farouk’s passion for public health and experiences in pharma prepared him to transform the pharmacy structure in Asia
  • Why is their platform SwipeRx gaining traction in this region
  • What use-cases are they solving for pharmacists and individuals

Farouk’s Links and Resources:

• Connect with Farouk Meralli: LinkedIn

• Visit mClinica: Website | Twitter LinkedIn Facebook

Host’s Links:

• Connect with Tony Estrella: Twitter | LinkedIn | Personal Website

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