Data: Most pharmacists in the Philippines agree with lowering CPD requirements

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines has recently decided to lower the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for pharmacists from 45 units to 15. Using our SwipeRx platform, we surveyed over 400 pharmacy professionals in the Philippines to ask them whether or not they were in favor of minimizing the CPD requirements. Read on to find out what our results showed:

Overwhelming majority of pharmacists are in favor of the new CPD law

Our poll revealed that more than 92% of pharmacists are in favor of reducing the required CPD units. The main reasons given were that it is less expensive (50%) and more convenient (13%) to complete fewer CPD units. In fact, across all fields of pharmacy practice, more than 80% of pharmacists agreed on lowering the CPD requirements, which suggests that the majority of pharmacists in the Philippines are bothered by the cost and inconvenience of completing 45 CPD credits.

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Women pharmacists are more in favor of lowering the requirements than men pharmacists

Results from our poll also showed some gender differences: only 7% of women were against cutting down the requirements, compared to 14% of men. This could mean that completing CPD requirements is a bigger burden on women than men, which makes sense given that women are still responsible for a disproportionate share of unpaid labor, like child care and household chores. As such, it is even more difficult for women pharmacists to travel far from their homes and to take time off work to attend offline training events. SwipeRx promotes women pharmacists’ empowerment by delivering free accredited CPD modules that are accessible anytime and anywhere.

About SwipeRX

SwipeRx is the largest social network of pharmacies and pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia. The platform is also the largest provider of mobile continuing education for pharmacists in Southeast Asia. It offers free, online, accredited CPD modules to over 140,000 pharmacy professionals from over 40,000 outlets across the region.

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