AYPG and SwipeRx sign official partnership

The Asian Young Pharmacists group (AYPG) has signed an official partnership with SwipeRx, a platform for pharmacy professionals created by mClinica. SwipeRx, already hosting a bustling network of pharmacy professionals across Asia, will serve as a communication platform to keep young pharmacists informed of events, updates, and announcements, as well as attracting new young pharmacy professionals to the community.
Founded in 2011, the AYPG is a coalition representing young pharmacists from throughout Asia, focusing on youth interest in the profession. The group originally began with six members representing Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea. It has grown considerably since then, welcoming members from Singapore, Cambodia, and Hong Kong, with Thailand also in the process of joining.
Every other year, AYPG holds a meeting during the Federation Asian Pharmaceutical Association (FAPA) Congress, as well as organizing its own AYPG Leadership Summit on years FAPA is not held. Based on the host’s selected topic, members are invited to share experiences and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing young pharmacists today. Annual meetings enhance collaboration and information exchange between young pharmacists, as the healthcare landscape changes rapidly.
Ultimately, AYPG’s objectives span from development and training of young pharmacists throughout the Asian region to improving public awareness, making known both the contributions of modern pharmacists as well as public health and engagement activities. Partnering with SwipeRx adds a convenient yet powerful avenue through which to keep pharmacy professionals informed, remaining astride industry development, and sharing in a common goal of community health and engagement.
mClinica officially launched SwipeRx in Malaysia in November 2017 at the AYPG Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the largest annual gathering for young pharmacists in the region, that year’s Summit featured a delegation from mClinica led by founder and CEO Farouk Meralli, along with COO Vasil Rusinov. SwipeRx, mClinica’s mobile app, has recently become the largest online community for pharmacy professionals in Asia, counting over 105,000 registered users.
With this new partnership, AYPG may harness technology in order to generate more cooperation between members and keep pace with the swift growth of the modern pharmaceutical environment.

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