11th AAAH Webinar Series 2020

The pandemic has disrupted service delivery and diverted human resources for health (HRH) to provide COVID-19-related services. However, essential services and non-COVID services (e.g. noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), urgent care, and emergencies) still need to be sustained as we are seeing foregone care, decreased equitable access, and reduced essential service utilization. 11th AAAH Webinar Series 2020 […]

Southeast Asia’s role in the quest for a COVID-19 vaccine

mClinica charts ASEAN’s efforts to counter vaccine nationalism Facing huge healthcare costs and continued economic dislocation, Southeast Asian governments are scrambling to secure supplies of any future COVID-19 vaccine ahead of the ugly rush for the desperately needed serum. In the capitals of Southeast Asia, there is growing anxiety that they may be denied access […]

How dengue complicates Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 fight

Healthcare systems in the region face a two-front war Southeast Asia is experiencing high numbers of rainy season dengue fever cases. This comes at a time when the region is still combating a devastating coronavirus pandemic that has left healthcare systems reeling and local economies in deep recession. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease […]