6-month contract extension for the Malaysian pharmacy network

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant strain has been put on healthcare systems globally. With more hospitals overloaded, and rural communities underserved, the public is relying on the pharmacy network for more than just dispensing medication.  As trusted frontline healthcare providers, pharmacy professionals have been working with other healthcare professionals in providing support for chronic […]

The pharmacy network speaks up about mental health

Disease management during a pandemic requires healthcare professionals to maintain access to care while managing the risk of infections. This has been achieved to varying degrees across Southeast Asia, however, amid the stress and confusion of shutdowns and social distancing, the pharmacy network is concerned for another looming health issue– mental health. The implications of […]

Improve medication adherence with digital patient assistance programs

If you have not heard of a patient assistance program (PAP), it is a program that works by subsidizing the cost of prescription medication so patients can purchase them at a lower cost. Patient assistance programs are a holistic support program that includes interventions such as disease education, refill reminders, cost benefits and clinical support […]