Hoarding, price gouging, theft and expired masks – which one may not be as bad as it seems?

While many industries are able to continue working from home, there’s one industry that can’t – the healthcare industry. The pharmacy network, healthcare clinics and hospitals all remain open. Everyday, healthcare workers are on the front line battling infectious disease management and trying to maintain their patients medication adherence, and they depend on personal protection […]

mClinica Pharmacy Solutions Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Persatuan Penolong Pegawai Farmasi Malaysia

On the 5th March 2020 at Serai Restaurant, Paradigm Mall in Malaysia, representatives from mClinica Pharmacy Solutions, a leading healthtech provider, and Persatuan Penolong Pegawai Farmasi Malaysia (PPPFM) signed a memorandum of understanding which seeks to improve education for pharmacy  assistants across Malaysia.  To achieve this, PPPFM is exploring the introduction of pharmacy-driven mobile technology […]